Partial Thumb Nail Avulsion

Partial Thumb Nail Avulsion

My nephew's thumb was accidentally shut in the tailgate of a pickup truck. Unfortunately, he was 2 hours away, so I couldn't help him. Fortunately, because he and his wife welcomed their first child earlier this year, they were maxed out on their deductible. X-ray was negative for fracture. Interestingly, Dermabond was used instead of sutures. 

With my Provider Prepared Laceration Repair Kit, I would have reduced the partially avulsed nail back under the cuticle and secured the nail down with 2-3 sutures. I know that recently this has been a hot topic of debate. Would any of you have removed the nail completely, looking for a nail bed laceration to repair? Would any of you have managed the wound differently? 

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  • Nathan Whittaker
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