Provider Prepared’s Weekly Pearl of Wound Wisdom #17 So it begins!

Provider Prepared’s Weekly Pearl of Wound Wisdom #17 So it begins!
The skin healing process occurs in several stages, outlined as: coagulation, epthelialization, new blood vessel growth, collagen formation and wound contraction.

Coagulation begins immediately with vasospasm and platelet aggregation. This allows for fibrous clot formation to occur.
The epidermis is the layer capable of regeneration. This is where epithelialization occurs, leading to bridging of the wound tissues.

Four days into wound healing, new blood vessel growth is at its peak. 48 hours after the injury collagen formation begins, and peaks in the first week. Collagen gives tensile strength to the tissues. The process of collagen formation and remodeling can continue for 12 months.

Three to four days after the injury, wound contraction occurs. This process is not well understood or well described in literature. The full thickness of the wound migrates toward the center, this can have impact in the final appearance of the wound.
deLemos, DA, et al. Closure of minor skin wounds with sutures. UpToDate Nov. 2016

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