Provider Prepared’s Weekly Pearl of Wound Wisdom #22

Provider Prepared’s Weekly Pearl of Wound Wisdom #22
A 30 year old male, who works as an auto mechanic, presents to the Emergency Department with a one week history of increasing pain, redness, and swelling to the ulnar nail edge of his right middle finger.

In general, an acute uncomplicated paronychia with abscess is treated with incision and drainage. After performing a digital block a number 11 blade is inserted under the affected cuticle margin, extending an incision along the lateral nail fold. Following incision and drainage, frequent warm soaks should be done to promote ongoing drainage.
Goldstein, BE et al. Paronychia. UpToDate December 2017.

Patients at risk for complicating infections should be placed on appropriate antibiotic treatment following incision and drainage.

Provider Prepared laceration kits with Lidocaine give you all the tools of the trade for management of paronychia at home!

Provider Prepared
Nathan Whittaker, MD

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