Provider Prepared’s Weekly Pearl of Wound Wisdom #24 Gashing Galea!

Provider Prepared’s Weekly Pearl of Wound Wisdom #24 Gashing Galea!
A 32-year-old male presents to the emergency department with a laceration to the forehead extending up into the hairline. This occurred after a cut off wheel on a 7 inch grinder flew apart, and a portion of the cut off wheel impacted him in the head creating this laceration.

Assessment of scalp lacerations should also include assessment of all of the deep tissues. The galea is the connective tissue layer against the bone. This needs to be assessed to determine if there is presence of a galeal laceration. Lacerations of the galea larger than 0.5 cm should be repaired. Literature recommends using 3-0 or 4-0 absorbable suture material in the galea.

Repair of the galea helps prevent development of subgaleal infections, and subgaleal hematoma. Repairing galea lacerations also protects anchoring of the frontalis muscle, which has cosmetic implications.
Hollander, JU et al. Assessment and management of scalp lacerations. UpToDate February 2018.

This patient’s wound did involve the galea. A complex three layer repair was performed with excellent cosmetic outcome.

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