Versatility of Provider Prepared Kits

Versatility of Provider Prepared Kits

The cervical para-spinal injections saved the day for my nephew, Cody. He is one tough dude, but his migraine headache was ruining his vacation. We were at a family reunion in Island Park, ID, vacationing for the week, 3 hours from home. The nearest clinic/hospital was 30-45 minutes away. Nothing he was taking was helping.

Fortunately, I had packed a bottle of 0.5% Bupivacaine and my Provider Prepared Complete Laceration Repair Kit, containing all the needles, syringes, prep-pads, and gloves I needed. Watch a demonstration of the procedure at He took the injections like a champ!

Twenty to thirty minutes later, he reported his headache completely resolved. Cody jumped right back into the activities and resumed his role as the life of the party. The day was saved! No time was wasted traveling to and from a clinic/hospital or waiting in a waiting room. Money was saved! And I had the privilege of relieving my nephew's pain. It's good to be a Provider Prepared!

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  • Nathan Whittaker
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