Scalp Laceration in an Active Kid

Scalp Laceration in an Active Kid 0

Just over a week ago, my daughter and I experienced the benefit of being a Provider Prepared. Cassie, my very active 10-year old daughter, cut herself in between her competitive basketball games. As she was running around with a friend, she hit the back of head on a door frame, causing a 1 cm gaping, bleeding scalp laceration.

Cassie is pretty tough. This is the same daughter who trusted me to lance her thigh abscess on our kitchen counter. Using a trick I learned in residency, I separated strands of hair on each side of the laceration and tied square knots, approximating the wound edges, controlling the bleeding. She was able to play in the next game. The temporary fix lasted until she scrapped on the floor for a loose ball with 3 seconds left in the game, causing her scalp wound to start bleeding again.

Fortunately, I had my Provider Prepared Complete Laceration Repair Kit. I tried to convince her to let me staple her laceration, but she wouldn't go for it. As luck would have it, her hair is thin enough that I could use Dermabond to achieve great wound closure. This took less than 5 minutes, compared to the hours wasted in travel, wait, and treatment time at an ER or acute care clinic.

A wasted day was averted! Hundreds of dollars were saved! My integrity was maintained, by not stealing medical supplies from an employer! I have peace of mind, being prepared for the next wound that will surely pop up in my five rambunctious kids! Its good to be a Provider Prepared!

  • Nathan Whittaker
How do you manage a loved one with a laceration?

How do you manage a loved one with a laceration? 0

 You’ve probably been approached by a family member or friend with a laceration. You have the skills to repair it, but were not prepared with adequate supplies. For situations like these,  I developed PROVIDER PREPARED Laceration Repair Kits.  
 Unlike others on the market, these physician-grade kits are in-dated, disposable, sterile, and complete.  They allow for management of multiple wound types, including skin tear, scalp laceration, facial laceration, deep laceration, abscess, and more.  The contents are sourced from recognizable, reputable US suppliers, like Ethicon, 3M, Covidien,etc.  Moreover, each component is individually packaged, so you can order refill packs to replace what you have used, without having to purchase a whole new kit. Because we purchase in bulk as a wholesaler, PROVIDER PREPARED is less expensive and more convenient than the alternatives.
 According to Cost Helper, Inc. [1], individuals can expect to be charged $200-$3,000 or more for laceration repair, depending on his/her insurance coverage, the provider, the injury and the complexity of the repair. Perhaps, the greatest loss is the wasted time, traveling to and from a health care facility, waiting, often hours, in the waiting, then an exam room, to watch someone else do what you could have easily done at home.
 If you were to assemble your own kit, similar to the Provider Prepared Complete Laceration Repair Kit, ordering the lowest required quantities online, from a medical supply company, such as Moore Medical LLC [2], it would cost about $1,561.41 (Price List 11/4/2016), plus tax and shipping/handling. 
 Be prepared for wherever the unexpected happens with kits in your home and each vehicle, as well as in the homes and vehicles of your loved ones. Don’t let someone else attend to your loved ones simply because you lack the supplies! Be Prepared! Be Provider Prepared!
 Dr. Nate Whittaker, MD
Emergency Medicine Specialist, Logan, UT
  • Nathan Whittaker