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Are you a Provider Prepared?

Are you truly prepared for an accident when it happens?!…


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 As a Physician everyone will look to you, or call you for help when someone suffers a laceration. And for many of you medical school may be one of the last times you sutured.…don't worry that is how we felt too!


Now that you have multiple copies of your Suture Pocket Guide printing and soon to be stashed in the car, boat, cabin etc. Make sure you take us up on this great offer for 66% of an order of sutures. 


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But just having our guide and some sutures still does not make you fully prepared. That is why we have brought the entire suture cart to you with our Provider Prepared Laceration kits. 

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Talk Soon,

Dr. Nate Whittaker


P.S. Check out the video below to hear another Physician's story about Provider Prepared.